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Guidelines for 
Submitting a Paper for the Paper Review Study Session

Please read carefully.

Pay particular attention to Number 4.

The work must be yours.

The intention of the Paper Review is improve the  sentence structure, transitions, organization, clarity, and effectiveness of opening and closing paragraphs.  

Guidelines for Submitting a Paper for Review

To get the best result in the evaluation, forward a third or fourth draft of your paper. A paper you have spent time editing and polishing with your best effort will allow me to look at the details that will greatly improve your chances of success. If you send in a first or second draft, more time will need to be spent on things like spelling and punctuation rather than clarity, sentence structure, organization, and the over all effectiveness of your writing.

1. Papers must be forwarded to Lois by email in either Word or PDF format at least 5 days before the scheduled Session. ([email protected])

Hand-written work is not acceptable.

2. Papers are to be double-spaced with 1" margins on all sides.

3. Papers are reviewed for the following: organization and logical sequencing of the argument, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, clarity of thesis sentence, wordiness, and the effectiveness of opening and closing paragraphs.

4. In submitting the Paper, the Participant understands and agrees that the paper is NOT reviewed for accuracy of the content or the correctness of citations.